About Mkanee

Simple for tenants, professional for owners!

Our company is at the forefront of technological innovation offering cutting-edge real estate solutions through advanced web and mobile technology, driven by a team of skilled designers, marketers, and developers.

We create real estate products that make
people’s lives easier

Main Features

What do we offer?

One for all

Manage all your real estate investments in one place, Mkanee is your comprehensive portfolio solution.

Automated accounting

Easily track your expenses, revenue, and budgets with a user-friendly interface.

Association group

Managing association groups has never been easier. our solution is the perfect answer for managing them.

Service contractors

Ensure your properties are always in prime condition with our specialized services and maintenance feature.

Top-shelf marketing

Showcase your available units on our platform and leverage third-party platforms to reach a wider audience.

AI-Powered assistant

Streamline your data entry process and save valuable time with our AI-driven chat assistant.

Smart Features

Why Our Customers Choose Us?

Helpdesk Support

Experience seamless real estate management with our 24/7 Helpdesk Support

Creative Solutions

We offer a wide range of features according to your needs!

Based in Oman

We get our community needs because we are part of it!

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